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We hereby take the pleasure to introduce our company as a pioneer in the field of Passive Fire Prevention Systems, Active Fire Protection & Detection Systems, Basement Ventilation Systems & Fire Consultancy and have executed large number of projects in the length and breadth of India. The company owns the reputed brand name FlameGuard under which it manufactures the Fire Retardant Wooden Doors / Metallic Fire Doors.

Flameguard : The sixth Element

Sky, Air, Fire, Water & Earth – the five natural elements constitute life. One can’t even imagine survival without these e s s e n t i a l e l e m e n t s . To t h e s e fundamental elements of life, We proudly add the Sixth Element – FlameGuard. This protective element is a gamut of Passive & Active Fire Prevention Techniques, that provide absolute protection against accidental Fire.


Fire –  A boon and a curse. A creator and a destroyer. A helpful slave and a ruthless master. With it man became the conqueror and with it he has also perished. When man kept fire under control, satisfied his needs and out of control it destroys his home, possession, food and life itself. The devastation in the cinema hall fire in Delhi where 57 lives were lost is still fresh in our memory. More than 400 school children where killed in Haryana during an annual function. The petroleum refinery fire at Vizag causing unimaginable destruction and our own Kolkata Book Fair Fire, Nandaram Fire, Stephen Court Fire & AMRI Fire where more than 90 lives were lost are just some examples of how lives and property could be lost if we are not willing to contain the fire.


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